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Mary Monttein Alonso CFMWWelcome to a new world of possibilities. Mary Monttein is a holistic heavy weight lifter for her clients. Removing blockages and mental trash, providing clients a fresh start for moving forward. Inner beautification results in more ease and joy. Equipping clients with their own truth detector plus other powerful tools to leverage personal mission and vision with action for success!

Life Coaching

emotional healing professionalPartnering for your success,Mary Monttein employs co-creative questioning and active listening skills to discover clients true desires as well as identifying blocks and limiting beliefs impeding success.

Business coaching as a light worker, highly trained practitioner and facilitator, Mary Monttein guides clients to clarity and connecting you to your purpose, increasing motivation to take appropriate action to obtain results. Entrepreneurs have a burning desire and often begin without a solid foundation to succeed. Working together we can equip you with systems and tools to move forward with more ease.

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Anti Aging

anti aging longevityEverybody knows aging causes bodies to breakdown, cells shrink from plump plums to shriveled up prunes. There is an old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Now you can have both in just 2 easy minutes a day! Everybody wants to look younger or feel better and thanks to a scientific breakthrough -Regeneration is now possible! Removing wrinkles without surgery, knee repair without surgery, thanks to proven & patented BioCell technology. Clinically proven Liquid BioCell nutraceuticals deliver collagen and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for natural healing from within.

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healing wellnessAs a holistic healing professional practitioner, Mary Monttein offers professional healing solutions for mind body and soul healing. Employing a four quarter model and identifying other than conscious beliefs gives clients options for moving forward.

Professional coaching and facilitation skills complemented with  spiritual healing, hands on healing, energy healing to include; Soul Healing, Access Consciousness, Divine Healing Hands and more all contribute to your energy transformation. Are you ready to move forward with more ease? More clarity? More support?

Offering a holistic approach with a unique menu to address mind, body and soul healing.

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emotional healing group activities Time to take a look at why this is happening? Tired of repeating the same old pattern? EQ:Grad School offers experiential emotional healing workshops by emotional healing professionals.

What changes can we help you facilitate? Join us for healing from the inside out at one of our magical events in Dallas Texas. Experience emotional healing at one of 3 Shadow Work Weekends offered in 2017. Healing emotional wounds of the past in Dallas, TX.

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