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What are the Bars? Clutter Removal and Inner Peace is Possible!

How to find inner peace, clear the clutter

Wondering how to find inner peace?  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to clear the clutter and experience more spaciousness and ease in your body, mind & spirit?  Some people have figured out a way to do that in just about an hour! You could be one of those too, by booking your Bars session now. Everybody wants Inner Peace! Meet my dear friend & Access Consciousness colleague Dr. Dain Heer. He has an amazing story!

Listen to my dear friend, Dr. Dain Heer share about having the Bars run, an Access Consciousness body process that clears clutter and so much  more.  Watch the video below.  How much more inner peace and ease are you willing to experience? 

Access Consciousness

Inner Peace, How does it work? The Bars session usually takes place with the recipient relaxing on a massage table, bed, or pad on the floor, with their head on a pillow. The Access Consciousness facilitator (that would be me) running  “The Bars” sits at your head, cradling your head in their hands. Touching the Bars, a series of specific points, with very light pressure discharges static stuck energies in the specific files.  

These specific points on the head have been described as the “alt-control-delete” on the computer bank of your brain. Nothing of any value is erased—but up to 10,000 years of fixed points of view that are limiting your success can be erased in one relaxing session.

Another way of looking at these Bars is to consider them like the circuit breaker in your house. Just as the lights in your house go off when the circuit breaker flips or the fuse is blown, we are energetically similar.  When your Bars are in need of being “run” (lightly touched) it’s as if the flow of energy that would normally be available to us has been blocked. You feel stuck or weighed down or even under pressure. Lightly connecting with these Bars flips the switch, so to speak, so much more ease, space, peace and awareness are available.

These Bars sessions appeal to two different types of people.  Those proactive in self love and self care and actively seeking to be more conscious in their lives. And, those who are also receiving profound benefits are those who are sick, stuck and experiencing emotional pain or physical challenges.

Energy therapy, touch therapy and hands on healing are all part of a good holistic health care routine. Just like you take out the trash at your house and office, the trash needs to be taken out of your inner spaces too! Are you ready? Reach out now and schedule your appointment for an exceptional experience.  

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