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Time for Energy Healing-What if it could be easier than you think?

Mary Monttein Alonso









December, 15 2016

What is your Construct of Time? I believe we all deserve the time to heal. If not now, when?

What story do you tell yourself about time? Isn’t it time for some energy healing? Time itself does not heal, it provides the option to choose healing.  Ready to choose differently to get a different result? I am!

This morning I was pressuring myself about a project, noticing an aspect of myself that was being mean. Less than the supportive energy I am so generous with usually.  So, I began to ask myself some questions. I believe the quality of life is determined by the questions I am willing to ask.

Seemingly out of the blue a new riff developes… It includes a Mississippi Moon and “ain’t in no hurry ever”…. KEEP SHINING YOUR LIGHT. Thank you to the Doobie Brothers for carrying the message.

Imagine that, the simplicity of asking a question and receiving a new awareness!  -A new piece of the puzzle is being delivered that will change the project.  Only once I began to BE the question did I receive the awareness. Thank you Gary Douglas one of my mentors and Founder of Access Consciousness for this awareness! Everything seems much lighter. Imagine having the experience of lightness of body and mind.

How do you employ time? Are you masochistic and beat yourself up with Time? Holding regrets about wasted time? Are you ready for a new reality? A shift in perspective? Call now for a complimentary 30 minute scoping session.

Currently scheduling Energy Healing sessions. Experience a healing energy session to clear limiting programs and beliefs. Multiple energy healing techniques are available from which to choose.  Are you employing time to sing and dance and create your heart wishes? Could you use some extra space to enjoy your life? Or are you a slave to the hands of time? Reach out and book your session now!

What if you could release limiting beliefs and programs keeping you stuck? What if you could experience a new, expanded, relaxed state?  It’s easier than you might imagine, it’s just a call away.

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Keep shining your light!

Mary Monttein Alonso C.F.M.W.

Energy Healing, Transformational Life Coach, Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator