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Shadow Work Practice Sessions for June 2014 Offered by Transformational Strategies

Monttein and Craig are excited to offer two more Shadow Work Practice Sessions in the month of June!!  

The attendee’s responses from the first 3 sessions in May were very positive!  These transformational strategy sessions provide a specific framework, a space for exploration at a pace driven by the participant.   This structure inherently creates more safety AND powerful “participant directed” results.

One participant from a prior session shared “What worked best for me in my experience was the Safety of the circle, slower pace that allowed me to proces while I worked, anchoring the emotional work to tangibles (color, objects, location in body, etc)”. SF

An observer in one of the prior sessions said the best part was “to witness people dealing with major life stopping goals having a new perspective and breakthroughs in less than 2 hours”. RC

It is clear to us that ongoing transformational work is in high demand in the DFW area. The previous sessions filled up quickly, so we suggest booking your spot fast.  We limit Shadow Work Practice sessions to 12 people.

Dates and Times:

Click on the link below to register for that session:

Saturday June 14 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Time and space are precious.  Please plan to arrive by 12:45 pm and honor this space by notifying us of cancellations 1 week in advance.


Far North Dallas (Details upon completed registration)

Dallas, TX 75252


There are 4 different ways for you to participate in our Shadow Work Practice sessions.  One is a space of simply observing, another option is actively holding space for people as they process or choosing to be present and feel emotions as they flow through.  Or, actively doing your own work 🙂    

For more info about the basics of shadow work click here for a free download.

Mark your calendar now and we look forward to connecting with your soon!