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Pet’s Healing Themselves With The Liquid BioCell PetBlend!

Mary Monttein here on how to be me with my dogs…

We are using a breakthrough natural product for dogs with arthritis pain to support joint health and an active lifestyle.

We (Budha, Babie and Bella) are honored to present to you the patented natural Jusuru Pet Blend™ delivering the Liquid BioCell proven to REBUILD CARTILAGE & REPAIR TISSUE (including tendons and ligaments too!) Combining HA (hyaluronic acid) for dogs joints with Collagen plus chondroitin sulfate is abundant in the matrix naturally. Repairing tissue and rebuilding cartilage from the inside out, NATURALLY!!! Your four legged friends & family will be begging you for their tasty Liquid BioCell!  Of course your dogs can talk to my dogs and they will find out how beneficial it is for running jumping and playing.  DVMs suggest beginning Liquid BioCell Collagen from  Pet Blend™ at 18 months for excellent health and prevention of injuries from playing fetch before a proper stretch!

The key ingredient, Liquid BioCell™, has been the subject of multiple double-blind clinical trials in the area of skin and joint health and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Because canine (feline & equine) joint cartilage composition are almost identical to that of the human. This is the reason why our Liquid BioCell product is efficacious and safe for our four legged friends and family. Delivering a highly absorbable Hyaluronic Acid for dogs joints coupled with Collagen and Chondroitin Sulfate giving results like what I have experienced as having a new suspension system and a lube job!

Thousands of pet owners are using and loving Jusuru Pet Blend™.  Here are some clinical studies and their references.

Jusuru is providing UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY FOR YOUR PET! The manufacturing facility is not only GMP compliant, OTC-drug licensed by the State of California Food and Drug Branch, but it is also licensed by the State of California for pet food and supplement manufacturing. Furthermore, the facility has been NSF Certified for Sport™ which certifies that the manufacturing process and facility have been cleared of over 150 banned substances. NSF’s

For our competitor friends the Certified for Sport™ program is designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement for sports nutrition contains banned substances, and is officially recognized by the NFL, NFLPA, MLB, MLBPA, PGA, LPGA, NCAA, and CCES.

You and your pet deserve a quality of life and health available from Jusuru’s Liquid BioCell! Jusuru contains the proteins and healthy fats your pets love and their bodies need. Delivering the most abundant protein found in their bodies, Collagen. It provides the structural framework of all the connective tissues to keep your pet’s joints active and fluid.

If you require more info about this life changing, award winning, internationally recognized best bone & joint ingredient call 209-647-1699 access code 589803#


Allow me to welcome you to my online store.This is where you will find the Jusuru Liquid BioCell Pet Blend, Liquid BioCell Equine Blend & Liquid BioCell Life Blend for the 2 legged creatures 🙂 Stromaderm, award winning skincare also available. Voted best collagen peptide!

Youth Secret for pets.

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If you prefer to talk through your ordering process you may call (972) 775-1732 for assistance placing your order.

Transformationally yours,

Mary Monttein

CTO @ Transformational Strategies LLC