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What is love? What is self love? What is self care? Facilitated by Mary Monttein Alonso

Mary Monttein Alonso

Hello and welcome to My name is Mary Monttein (a double first name, “Monttein” sounds like Dentyne or protein) and my purpose for this site is “purely selfish.”

As a premature empty nester of four amazing, young women, my heart has an abundance of space. Quite simply my journey has been one of self love and self care. Part of that journey includes you. You see, it fills my heart to be of service as the healer God made. The most powerful & fastest way I can serve you is clearing negative blocked energies using my Divine Healing Hands and running your Bars. (See Bars diagram)

To be of service to children of all kinds, not just those of abuse, fills my heart.

To be of service to Moms and Dads who are sad, hurting or stuck, fills my heart.

To serve empty nesters reinventing their lives, fills my heart.

To help women and couples, who so desperately wish to conceive and share their love with a precious child, fills my heart. **creating life forms bar

Most importantly is the service to the child within. Within all of us is a child who needs love. The Access Consciousness training and the Divine Healing Hands training are the most powerful self care tools I have experienced. I highly recommend both! Begin by booking your session now.

If sharing my journey of self care and self love can inspire you or give you hope for the future, my spirit dances with delight!

If you choose to come play with me, doing what I love (TRANSFORMING REALITIES) my heart soars!

taking care of me, my inner child and the need for connection. I am choosing to be and receive enjoyable contribution. Creating an avenue for the love and nurturing to flow and a ripple of wellbeing and consciousness to spread.

You are here for a reason. What is your heart wish that is yearning to be expressed? Or are you blocked and need help clearing negative energies? Are you stuck in the heaviness? Have you forgotten who you truly BE? Are you feeling alone? Do you need to be heard? Do you need a new perspective?

You are encouraged to follow the energy. Follow what is light and expansive. If it feels light, go ahead and request your session now, or continue to explore these pages if you wish. You are safe here to explore and grow.

You will find resources to transform your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial wellbeing.

Blessings for your transformational journey. I welcome the opportunity to celebrate your many successes!

In Service to YOUR Inner Child,

Where do you find gold