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Light Worker Mary Monttein Alonso

Mary Monttein Alonso
I am a ripple in the wave of ever expanding consciousness~
A catalyst.  Allowing energy to move through me holding space for unlimited possibilities.  Gifted with vision!
Broadcasting healing energy, specializing in energy clearing as an intuitive tour guide along the journey of life….
Training, certifications & modalities offered &  include Soul Healing, Shadow Work, Pranic Healing, Kinesiology, NLP, EFT, Access Consciousness facilitator, Vedic Sciences, Feng Shui & Dowsing, Tao Song Singer Tao Dancer Healer &  more….
I express my  deepest gratitude for my  my esteemed Masters and Teachers include Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha, Master Choa Kok Sui, Gary Douglas &  Dain Heer, Marie Diamond, Joni Patry, Garland Landrith and LaRue Eppler.  Of course this journey would not have been the same with our the teachings of my family.  All for which I am extremely grateful!
 I am blessed to be a Divine instrument helping people with physical & emotional challenges, personal & spiritual growth. Some call me a healer, stress relief expert, behavior modification specialist….I am a Divine Healing Hands Practitioner, Soul Healer previously  trained in Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy etc…as well as an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator. I have also been trained in EFT by Dr Garland Landrith and Kinesiology by LaRue Eppler and more. 300 hours of training in Vedic Astrology with Joni Patry gives  an incredible tools to cast light on ones journey.  I believe the planets are God’s clock…and it’s all energy. I am merely a conduit. Blessings to you for excellent health, peace, joy, prosperity and the willingness to do good.
All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory ~
My background, as an eternal student of a diverse esoteric field of studies, include alternative healing & spirituality, ancient vedic studies and many self development interests.  So very thankful for the ones who have gone before me and have blazed a trail, my teachers include LaRue Eppler, Joni Party, Garland Landrith, Steven Co, Marie Diamond and Master Sha to name a few.    I have been called an alchemist, mystic, healer, motivator, teacher, angel, intuitive and fun!.
Visiting with one of my teachers I remarked “i know how to move energy!”  She laughed and said “ya, like an earthquake…in a good way!”  I consider myself a catalyst, conduit and precision intrument.  A ripple in the wave of consciousness.   I come from the light and carry the fire.  I love helping people! Together is how we make it.

Powerful practitioner and agent for change, dedicated to expanding the light and consciousness.  Mary Monttein embodies the Divine Feminine and employees love, forgiveness, compassion and light to facilitate your process of healing, growth and transformation.  Capable of delivering the harder teachings and willing to go the extra mile to remove blockages to your progress using a number of different modalities.

Results oriented with a true desire to empower clients to know what they know, Mary Monttein pulls from a vast source of tools and teaches practical techniques to move clients closer to their target.  Attentive listening and perceptive knowing is the platform  giving clients clarity on the next sequence of action steps and facilitates their moving forward.   She generously shares her energetic awarenesses allowing clients the opportunity to receive intuitive insights  producing the possibilities of extraordinary results.  Nonjudgemental and nurturing presence give clients a level of comfort, trust and complete honesty enabling them to go beyond the surface and make significant progress.

Private coaching sessions $75-$450
Soul Healing sessions $45
Available body work energy clearing packages:
Pre and Post Surgical package includes: Healing, Body, Form & Structure, Peace & Calm, Hopes & dreams energy bars.
Stress Buster includes: The processing of control,kindness, gratitude and peace & calm energy bars.
Anti-Aging Beauty Boost includes:  Processing the aging toaster, hopes & dreams, body and sexuality energy bars.
Depression Destruction includes: Sadness, Joy, Kindness, Gratitude, Peace & Calm energy bars.
Financial Fitness includes:  Processing the money, control, creativity and the circle of manifestation energy bars.
Pregnancy & Conception includes:  Processing the hopes & dreams,creativity,creating life forms, form & structure and the circle of manifestation bars.
Maintenance Packages: $75
Bars session includes: Power Band, Money, Control, Creativity, Creating Connection, Creating life forms, Aging toaster, Hopes & Dreams, Form & Structure, Awareness, Bridging bar, Healing, Sadness, Joy, Body, Sexuality, Kindness, Gratitude, Peace & Calm, Communication, Time & Space, Circle of Manifestation, Tunnels of Time & Space and the Crown of Mystar.   Extra attention is given to the implant band and reactivation and re-creation during this very nurturing relaxing process.   $200
Add Verbal processes to any of the above.  $25
Intuitive Counseling self discovery session based on your birthdata.   $250
Bars Class where you learn how to run the bars and actually give and receive bars twice during this one day session.  $200
a tour guide along the journey to self awareness & consciousness
Singing, dancing & playing in the Light, guided by Spirit <3
If any of this peaks your interest please drop me a line or give me a ring.
Access Consciousness
All of live comes to me with ease joy & glory.
Call Mary Monttein 972-755-1732