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2017 Shadow Work® Weekends- Dallas, TX

Emotional Healing Profesionals

Where are you going in 2017?
Access your power to overcome self sabotage and breakthrough old patterns.
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The inner workings of mind create reality. Are you happy with what you are creating or is there something more you know…


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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung 

Are you ready for more CLARITY, CONNECTION, VISION & POWER?

The Shadow Work® Weekend offers you the opportunity to connect with and reclaim your GOLD, or hidden aspects of yourself (Open to men and women age 18 and over).

Join us on this treasure hunt as we journey through four archetypal energies that we all possess.

Learn how to harness and re-integrate these energies to break through self defeating patterns and create more of what you really want.

Magician Energy

Accessing your Magician energy allows you to gain a fresh perspective and discover new options. (CLARITY) 

Sovereign Energy

Accessing your Sovereign energy supports your connection with your vision and purpose.

 Lover Energy

Accessing your Lover energy supports you in connecting with your emotions and your body’s wisdom, affording you more connection with yourself and others.

Warrior Energy

Accessing your Warrior energy supports you in stepping into your power and sense of self, which is necessary for setting boundaries with yourself and others.


LEARN about the Jungian based “Shadow Work® Four Quarter Archetypal Model”, how it can help you identify deep wounding or shaming messages that you may carry, as well as tools to transform those messages into fuel.

PRACTICE using these tools to access and identify emotions in your body through exercises and visualizations.

EXPERIENCE transformation through a facilitated process that further helps you leverage the tools in the model to fundamentally shift the way that you see yourself. As a participant in a process, a role player in a participant’s process, or an observer of a process, you’ll have an opportunity to examine the underlying risks that keep you from what you want.
Facilitated by:EQ:Grad School

Monttein Alonso, CFMW Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator,Certified Shadow Work® Coach, Soul Talk and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Soul Healing Practitioner.

Craig Tennant Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, Certified Shadow Work® Coach with over 14 years experience as a trainer and facilitator with organizations such as Pathways Lifestyle Management and the Mankind Project.

Register now for a fresh perspective, clarity of purpose, renewed power and connection.
Contact: Craig Tennant 469-831-3571

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