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Reporting Oct. 1 2016

Cutting edge solutions being delivered in US and Canada for those looking for tissue regeneration. Liquid BioCell PURE is delivering cutting edge nutrients. Clinically proven to inhibit aging enzyme and regenerate tissue. Leading edge recovery solutions are now just a click away. What was once impossible is now possible thanks to industry leading Jusuru International and Liquid BioCell. Welcome to a whole new world of health and wellness!


Most people know that our skin is the largest organ, and everybody know collagen is what keeps us young. Right? What your doctor doesn’t know and people in the know are finding out about is – the magic in the matrix of Liquid BioCell and the patented proven molecular structure of the HA (hyaluronic acid) in a highly absorbable form. See the real results presenting on the outside and know the same tissue regeneration is happening inside!  Take a quick look-seeing is believing.

Cutting edge supplements you drink, Liquid BioCell Pure is providing cutting edge technology in bio nutrition. Liquid BioCell nutraceuticals, exclusively from Jusuru International, deliver true nutrition of BioCell type ii collagen, hyaluronic acid ha derived from BioCell. A low weight molecular structure that your body recognizes. Your doctor does not know about this cutting edge technology or cutting edge solution for tissue regeneration. Historically Hyaluronic was only injectable…knee injection, back injection, eye injections, face injections etc.  Now HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE HA-exclusively from Jusuru!

This leading edge health wellness product is made from one naturally occurring matrix, delivering a bioavailable component the body utilizes to regenerate connective tissue naturally from the inside out. Beginning with just two easy minutes daily inhibits an aging enzyme and more. Looking for cutting edge solutions to regenerate cartilage or other tissues?  Here it is-Liquid BioCell!

Leading edge recovery of any connective tissue requires the delivery of collagen and hyaluronic acid- the basic foundational building block of your body, your dog’s body, our equine friend’s bodies too!  Hear what others are experiencing naturally investing just 2 quick minutes daily makes a whole new world of difference! What difference is your body requiring?!?

Imagine a zero fat zero carb drink that is a non drug, anti aging technology in your refrigerator now. Or perhaps a single serving travel pouch in your gym bag or briefcase, both delivering what your body requires to support tissue regeneration.  The body’s innate wisdom and DNA blueprint know exactly how to utilize the foundational building blocks of our physiology in that little pouch. One ounce of Liquid BioCell PURE twice daily turns your body into a regeneration machine.  Every twelve hours the collagen (connective tissue nutrition)  HA hyaluronic acid (premier low molecular weight) ( a low weight hyaluronic acid) and chondroitin (with BioCell and hyaluronic acid) stokes your regeneration factory.  One naturally occurring matrix, goes to work for 12 hour shifts- performing 2 valuable functions! Inhibiting the enzyme causing aging and providing the body required natural components to regenerate.  Not a hodgepodge of several different sources, but one natural matrix our body completely utilizes.

Liquid BioCell PURE does not rely on the digestive system! It is absorbed right away through the mucous membrane. Here is your advanced collagen connective tissue nutrition, a liquid product. Hyaluronic acid or collagen is better ingested as a liquid and Liquid BioCell PURE is the best collagen supplement. Clinically proven, 7 US and International patents and amazing results! It is the special low molecular weight of the HA that is creating the seemingly miraculous results. Your body was designed to regenerate.  It know how to heal itself when given theses cutting edge nutrients in all the Liquid BioCell products. Leading the way on the cutting edge, Jusuru International delivers cutting edge products to the US and Canada. Cutting edge nutrients delivered in 4 delicious liquid diet supplements.

  • Liquid BioCell PURE
  • Liquid BioCell LIFE                   
  • Liquid BioCell SPORT 
  • Liquid BioCell SKIN

Think of a brick wall-everybody knows it’s made of bricks and mortar, right? Guess what the bricks of your body are collagen.  Guess what the mortar is, the one responsible for hydration… Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is what your doctor does not know can be delivered in a molecular structure that your body can actually absorb and utilize.  Even you holistic health practitioner probably is not aware of the leading edge technology Liquid BioCell PURE – delivering cutting edge nutrition that is proven, patented and delivers results! What was once impossible is now possible in tissue regeneration!

Imagine drinking your way to health and healing. You and your body deserve the leading edge recovery solutions. Call me now, for the best liquid foundation available. I am willing and able to help you along your journey to a whole new world of health and healing!

A whole new world of health and healing

Mary Monttein Health Wellness Resource Center 972-755-1732

 Sept. 14, 2015