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Best Online Commission Structure In US & Canada


Let’s get REAL!best way to earn extra money Many people are looking for the THE BEST ONLINE COMMISSION STRUCTURE. Finding the best online commission structure doesn’t automatically equal success unless there are a few other critical key components. One is YOU-plus these timely, proven, innovative and desirable factors. Hi, my name is Monttein (like protein) & if I can do it so can you. Take a Look See & let’s talk!

Award Winning Products-Unique Products with Proven Results makes earning  commissions easier and more fun and meaningful too. Perfect for those of us who love helping people!

-Rock solid company, being debt free and a Proven Industry Leader. Oh Yes!

– Growing Industry-$500 billion dollar anti aging industry. Check Plus!

The Best Online Commission Structure designed to reward your       efforts and skills includes:

  1. Retail Bonuses-Building a base of customers to earn a retail bonus of 30-40%
  2. Unique Wholesale Customer Program-No signup fees & 3 for Free Referral Program. Earning 25% bonus plus Team Commissions each time wholesale customers order.
  3. Fast Start Bonuses-High percent payout (up to 30%) PAID WEEKLY.
  4. Innovative UniGen-PAID DEEPER  up to 10 GENERATIONS which can be 15, 20 even 25+ levels on productivity based on Rank Advancement.
  5. Check Matching Bonus-Rewards Business Builders for Developing their Organization up to 5 generations.
  6. Leadership Bonuses
  7. Leadership Pools-3.5% of Entire Company Volume goes into the Leadership pools.
  8. Luxury Car Bonus up to $2500.00! YES YES YES!!!
  9. Unparalleled Leadership- the company with a heart and a mission statement that includes giving back!

Filling the need for work at home jobs for moms, providing successful career change for teachers, retirement solutions for seniors and career builders. Building a successful career in the industry begins with you and getting clear on WHY you want to do this business. We have a proven success system and fun team too! Currently looking for business partner with a burning desire to make residual income. One who is coachable and knows how to execute.

The best online commission structure in the USA, Canada or Japan is a tool or vehicle to be leveraged and driven to the destination you desire. The real key to success is YOU. Your burning desire coupled with consistent action. Everybody says they want to make more money, few people make the decision and then take action. Hear what other successful people have chosen when they were looking for best home based business internet opportunity.

If you are serious and coachable call me now for a personal, no pressure discussion to see if you qualify to put the best of the best online commission structure to work today. You know what they say, “Two heads are better than one.” Let’s talk!

Mary Monttein Alonso CFMW

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