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Mary Monttein Alonso, Lightworker, holistic health coach, liquid biocell irep

A powerful practitioner and agent for change, dedicated to expanding the light and consciousness for empowerment. Mary Monttein embodies the Divine Feminine and employs love, forgiveness, compassion and light to facilitate your process of healing, growth and transformation. Offering one on one private healing and coaching sessions, remote sessions and experiential events.

Results oriented with a true desire to empower clients to know what they know, Mary Monttein pulls from a vast source of tools and teaches practical techniques to move clients closer to their target. Attentive listening and perceptive knowing is the platform giving clients clarity on the next sequence of action steps and facilitates their moving forward. She generously shares her energetic awarenesses allowing clients the opportunity to receive intuitive insights producing the possibilities of extraordinary results. Nonjudgemental and nurturing presence gives clients a level of comfort, trust and complete honesty enabling them to go beyond the surface and make significant progress.

Offering a holistic approach through holistic healing including holistic nutrition. As a holistic health practitioner and holistic health coach, Mary Monttein includes body, mind, spirit & soul healing for your holistic therapy options. As any holistic practitioner knows EMOTIONAL HEALING is a vital component to moving forward in a healthy and conscious direction of your choosing.

The emotional healing coach knows  EQ- emotional intelligence why it can matter more than IQ (intellect) because your emotions are driving the bus. Most healing modalities fail to minister to all 4 aspects (body mind spirit and EMOTIONS). Of course the MIND can hijack behavior in a hurry, and we can spend years, thousands of hours and thousands of dollars and stay in the same old story going round and round. I LOVE DELIVERING RESULTS QUICKLY! Most commonly we find that the EMOTION of FEAR lives in the MIND and that emotion keeps us safe in some way based on decisions we made long long ago…and still drives the bus around the same old bend over and over again keeping you from the CHANGE YOU SO DESIRE. The subconscious mind  misspelled often (subcoinscious mind) requires body mind & spirit addressed along with the EMOTIONS.

I believe when we are so caught up in our MIND we loose connection to our BODY. Healing work and energy therapy including touch therapy Hands on healing and Divine Healing Hands healing technique are some of the gifts Mary Monttein brings to her healing ministry in Dallas, TX. The body has it’s own wisdom and Mary Monttein delivers a unique neuro emotional healing technique for healing emotional wounds of the past. As a young boy once put it “you gave me a shower on the inside” An energy transformation so powerful yet so subtle you have to experience it for yourself. 

Change can be easier than you think when you work with professional healing solutions for your body, mind, emotions and more. You just don’t know what you don’t know. If it feels light reach out and connect, follow the energy. Your calls and emails are welcome.